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My Legacy



Richard began his business career as a newspaper boy at age 12 delivering to the wealthiest families in oil rich Tulsa, Oklahoma. After stints of grocery clerking and hot meal delivery, he joined the United States Air Force working...Read more


We are an education company!  We are not brokers or money managers but we know some good ones!

Our history of helping educate people to protect their wealth as it grows extends back to 1998...Read more

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Our education process consists of five major segments led by select skilled traders who know how to analyze and select only the highest probability setups before putting money at risk; traders and teachers with differing strengths make up our team....Read more


In your quest to learn all essential ingredients to round out your competency in trading, you will need to apply a multiplicity of tools and reference materials on a daily basis.  This is no short list of items within your agenda. Home work is essential... Read more

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