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About Us


We help you reinvigorate or enable your trading life! 

It is my very great pleasure to announce the formation of our top-to-bottom transformation of the business model established in the early century known originally as Day Traders of Orange County and then renamed Day Traders USA until we crashed the threshold of North America with viewers from Asia, Australia, Europe and then all over the map.  Because of world interest, in 2005, we renamed the educational organization to WorldWideTraders™. It was designed to provide you a significantly elevated level of educational opportunity and experience. Now, we simply have migrated to become SwissFT!™


The time has come for tangible, actionable ideas on total "Understanding of All Things Financial" and specific investment / trading you will need to see you through these challenging times.  By challenging times, we mean the World Wide Debt that is facing everyone like a catastrophe just awaiting a trigger.

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In the near future, additional website features and services will be rolled out, each with a salient focus on helping you understand not only the complexities of today's most powerful economic trends, but also the ways you can turn these trends toward your financial advantage.


You can start by checking out this new website, then boost your financial education by signing up for our new Forecasting services and watch for news coming soon!


During the week of December 12, 2013, my friend made a comment that her 401k increased 13% over the year! This gave me great pause because she is employed and far too busy to pay close attention to world markets, world currencies and world economics.  I had to chuckle to myself when she made the statement!  It was an ego boost for her, that she had made good decisions in the market, when really, she had nothing but push her monthly savings into this mutual fund or that mutual fund while the S&P 500 future pushed forward from January at 1360 to December 2013 at 1845 [33%] . . . basically, all because The Federal Reserve Bank has been printing money, borrowing money from U.S. taxpayers and buying stocks with it for collateral. 


Buying generally causes a rise in price . . . not necessarily rise in value.  Someday, when nobody is looking, the money masters machine of the world will sell all those equities and, whamo . . . price will decline to value [equilibrium] while everyone's mutual funds drop like a rock and nobody will know what to do or how to protect those prices on which she holds proud. During 2013, commodities sold off while interest rates languished at well under 1% for consumer deposits. When the Fed begins to taper, look out below . . .


Please consider us your SOURCE for better understanding of all things financial.


You'll gain required information for a tight grip on the meaning of terms that confuse viewers to financial information. It's only with wisdom that amalgamation of disparate concepts combine to add value to your understanding so informed decisions may produce appropriate action which may be relied upon for gain.


Our education process consists of six major segments led by skilled analysts, traders and teachers with differing strengths:


1). Basic Trader Education

We deliver 40 hours of structured trader education during prime trading on our Zoom Room Radio™... consisting of those elementary concepts needed to be understood and applied in order to interpret in-depth what one must know to act responsibly and grow intellectually toward being mindful of all things financial. This is far beyond the information one would cover in a masters of business administration at a university, i.e., managerial accounting and international economics.

2). Intermediate Training - What’s the distinction between basic, intermediate, advanced training / education? Ask 5 experts in the field of education and get 5 different answers. This is our distinction:  Basic Training is boot camp immersion training… where we take folks from general civilian life and indoctrinate them into thinking / feeling all things financial while we provide term definition and understanding to remove all FUDs [fears, uncertaintities and doubts]. Intermediate training is the source from where students jump from class work to lab work.

3). Advanced Training – Precise decision in heat of  market action require advanced thinking and training.  Our advanced trainer has created tools which convert generally familiar traders into real earning machines!  We deliver a multiplicity of courses as well as easily interpretable home grown market indicators that really work to identify and correctly enter and exit high probability trades.

4). Technical Analysis via Forecasting

In this segment we comprehensively analyze 25 financial markets from a world view.  Our weekly newsletters inform of world events as we interpret the economics of those events to enable sound thinking toward low risk, short term investment, thus helping us wisely choose our next trade, whereas our long range forecaster speaks toward in-depth big picture understanding of economics landscape from a chartist's point of view.

5). Indicator Arsenal / Automation – The ZoneTraderTM philosophy / method reading the mind of the market is the most comprehensive adaptation of Market Profile.  A FuturesTalk moderator created it following graduate school studies in finance.  It is from this artificial intelligence based expert system that we provide instantaneous forecasted setups. This system is in the process of becoming automated to trade electronically with minimum human intervention.

6). Managed Accounts – Many don't have time to manage one's own trading. Therefore we affiliate with titans in the industry who expertly manage accounts. Generally, the manager selected actually manages the accounts of our own inner circle, thus we feel the effects of their gains and losses.  We feel good about the few trades each week generating gains in myriad commodity, options, stock index futures, metals, interest rate derivatives and currency markets...

The COSMIC!  Our account managers also broadcast live to foretell day to day action.

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